Marketplaces & E-commerce

Project Management

Marketplace strategy design

Digital transformation in retail isn’t only about launching a new Marketplace Platform,
it’s about changing the blueprint of a business.

  • Step 1
    Defining the right positioning

    With proven retail expertise, the team can establish the best market positioning for the new Marketplace Platform.

  • Step 2
    Planning and market sizing

    Using market studies and consumer research, the team then helps clients size the market opportunity.

  • Step 3
    Introducing best practices

    Relying on operational experience, the team supports the business in building a successful Marketplace Platform.


Management Support

We provide support in a number of areas needed to bring a Marketplace Platform online.

  • Developing frameworks, benchmarks and research
  • Preparing tenders
  • Compiling analysis grids for providers
  • Writing detailed functional specifications
  • Writing technical validation reports

Platform Launch

We implement, launch and run Marketplace Platforms.

  • Research and framework development
  • Marketplace Project Management (tenders, functional specifications, validation reports)
  • Design and user experience
  • Coding, deployment and change management
  • Development of buyer and seller roadmaps
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  • Marketplace platform B2C & B2B

    The new era of E-commerce

  • Project Management

    Marketplace strategy, launch and support

  • E-commerce implementation

    Scale your store by using Magento

  • Products Information Management

    Manage large quantities of diverse product information

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