Products Information Management

What is a PIM?

Products Information Management systems (PIM) help centralise and harmonise marketing and technical information related to product listings and catalogues. We specialise in implementing and managing PIM systems for a range of customers in retail.

Why do retailers need PIM Systems?

PIM systems have been developed to cope with large quantities of diverse product information.

PIM can manage tens or hundreds of thousands of SKUs, numerous attributes and an almost infinite number of product images and descriptions in a constant stream from suppliers, all landing in one system in an organised manner.


Benefits of PIM

Work with more data

  • Collect data from a variety of sources, including ERP’s or supplier databases
  • Define and clean sets of data to in your eCommerce catalogue
  • Set priorities between different sources of data

Maintain quality catalogues

  • Build better descriptions with marketing or technical information
  • Classify and associate products to catalogues
  • Translate descriptions into a number of languages

Develop multiple channels

  • Manage multiple sales channels (print, mobile, marketplaces)
  • Easily assign catalogues and data for each channel
  • Streamline brochure printing by sending data directly to a web-to-print software

Why us a PIM?

  • Improved quality and consistency of product information across channels
  • Easier and quicker onboarding of suppliers and data providers
  • Serve as the main repository for product information

Who needs a PIM?

  • Marketers who think great customer journeys are essential in eCommerce
  • Data Governance Managers who need to ensure data is consistent and well structured
  • Buyers who need to build stronger relationships with suppliers
  • ECommerce Managers who care about the impact of product information on sales

What data is held in PIM?

  • Marketing data, including product descriptions, stories or labels
  • Media files, such as images, PDF files or videos
  • Technical data, for example measures or ingredients
  • User-generated content, such as comments or ratings
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