Local Customer Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Acquire new customers

Acquire new customers and get to know their tastes, shopping habits, family, other retail store visited, projects…

Qualify your data

Optimize your database and create relevant customer segmentations in a fully secured environment.

Engage with customers

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns through email, SMS, rich SMS, postal mail…

Animate your store

Entertain customer experience with gamification to boost your foot traffic and collect qualified data.

Increase your customer knowledge

Ask your customers about their tastes, shopping habits, family, other retail store visited, projects…

Maximise results with a multi-channel operation

Broadcast your collect solution instore, online and on smartphone and drive web-to-store traffic

Adress your different strategies

Get new leads, win loyalty, engage your customers, enrich your knowledge on new customers

AXIA Digital

Our data acquisition offer

Interactive kiosk

Specially designed for in-store data collection campaigns. Many formats available : countertop format, on-floor kiosks, special events…

Mobile Data Collection

Our collect solution can be rolled out on kiosk, on the web or smartphone so you can offer several customer pathways : kiosk & mobile, web to store or store to web.

Gamification to boost engagement

Scratch, fortune wheel, trivia, slot machine, satisfaction survey, loyalty card… Choose among 15 games and services available in our platform.

Retail network management

From our platform you can create and broadcast a collect operation on several stores. And follow the collect performance in real time for each store and acess to consolidated reports.

Axia Digital

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  • Data acquisition

    Get new leads, engage your customers and enrich your knowledge on new clients.

  • Data management

    Clean up, standardize, update and enrich all your customer data.

  • Data activation

    Deploy marketing campaigns and fidelity programs on targeted customers.

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