Local Customer Acquisition

Data Management

Boost your data quality

Our Data quality management solution helps you to clean up, standardize, update and enrich all your customer data on a daily basis.

Visualize/segment data

Create relevant customer segmentations to increase marketing campaigns performance. Visualization tools help to better analyse the data.

Link information systems

Easily and securely connect your databases with your CRM information systems. Synchonize all your client data and create one single view of your customers.

AXIA Digital

Our data management offer

Data Quality Management

Automatic deduplication, XY adress geocoding, unsubsciptions (Email, SMS), & bounces treatment, adress cleaning, ‘no junk mail’ data field…

Customer Segmentation

Based on profile, localization, loyalty and declarative data (projects, favorite products, competitors frequentation…)

API & standard connectors

Secured synchronization of all your local and central customer data (contact, loyalty and segmentation, marketing campaigns).

In partnership with Salesforce, we work with a new high-performance API solution for retailers willing to leverage on their in-store traffic to qualify, update and synchronize their data collected in store with their data maintained in your CRM central systems.

We give you the possibility to finally achieve one single view for each customer. A major asset for your national and local teams to help them easily manage consistency between their marketing campaigns. Manage one single and unique marketing pressure, with a total respect of your customers’ personal data.

Axia Digital

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  • Data acquisition

    Get new leads, engage your customers and enrich your knowledge on new clients.

  • Data management

    Clean up, standardize, update and enrich all your customer data.

  • Data activation

    Deploy marketing campaigns and fidelity programs on targeted customers.

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