Real: Tracking online behaviour

German retail chain Real started operating on the Polish market in 1995. A year and a half later, it opened its first hypermarket in Szczecin. Since 2012, the brand slogan has focused on great choice at low prices.

The challenge

How to track online behavior of offline customers?

In the era of the digital shopping experience, Real wanted to understand the online and offline behaviour of its customer base to identify the best channel to acquire new customers.

The Solution

Website and Interactive Terminals

FMCG customers are most attracted by discounts and offers. Leveraging this behaviour, AXIA Digital created a dedicated website where Real’s customers had to register to get their discount coupons which could then be printed on interactive terminals in stores. The system included tracking purchases made in store, so Real gained extra information about all related customer activities.


With support from AXIA Digital, Real implemented a tracking system which collects extensive information about customer behaviour.