Castorama: Lead Recruiting

Castorama is a French retailer of DIY accessories and home decoration tools and supplies. Castorama operates over 800 stores in 11 countries in Europe and Asia, including in the UK, France, Poland, China, Spain, Turkey and Russia.

The challenge

How to develop a database of qualified leads?

Castorama Poland needed to acquire a new database of email addresses to reach qualified leads. The company wanted to communicate its offering and promote its partners, as well as reinforce the image of a modern DIY store very different from competitors on the Polish market.

The Solution

Interactive Terminals and Lottery website

AXIA Digital created a two-step lottery for Castorama in Poland. First, customers had a chance to win small prizes in store, followed by another opportunity to win on a dedicated website. To take part in the online prize draw, customers had to fill in a registration form through which they could also agree to receive Castorama’s and its partners’ communications. The same lottery has been taking place every year since 2013 with great results.


Email newsletter subscribers are valuable, qualified leads. With AXIA Digital, it can be as easy as possible to encourage customers to sign up.



increase of number of participants year by year


conversion rate offline to online participants


participants agreed to receive a newsletter