Carrefour: The Marketplace platform

The challenge

How to offer more, learn more and sell more?

Modern shoppers expect a wide range of products on sale through a single platform, with a quick and convenient delivery. As a digital frontrunner in the retail industry, Carrefour needs to match and exceed these expectations, while creating additional revenue channels and acquiring new customers and increasing their loyalty at the same time.

The Solution

Marketplace Platform

Marketplace PlatformTo achieve these objectives, Carrefour decided to work with AXIA Digital. In October 2017, AXIA Digital together with its partners released the first horizontal Marketplace Platform for a Polish retailer. Within the Marketplace Platform model, the solution uses single product description pages and recommends best offers to customers through BuyBox. In turn, customers can choose the most relevant products and the best offers. With a well-developed marketplace management functionality, Carrefour can sell more and continuously increase brand awareness.


New revenue streams

As a result of implementing the Marketplace Platform, Carrefour managed to develop new revenue streams based on commissions, monthly subscriptions, advertisement and the development of new services. Carrefour can now gather data on the sales performance of products new in its inventory, as well as granular data covering such detail as interests and the location of customers. With the Marketplace Platform, Carrefour Poland entered the era of data-driven revenues.


Advanced commercial features

With Click and Collect, payment at pickup, and five marketing automation scenarios, Carrefour Poland can now provide customers with an above-market experience and the retailer lines up to become a leader of eCommerce in Poland.


Time to market

With only six months to implement the solution for Carrefour, the Marketplace Platform in its proof-of-concept stage was live on By choosing fast-to-release packages, such as Magento, AXIA Digital’s team of Magento certified developers made this quick implementation possible. Within the first month of going public, the platform peaked at 228 orders per day.


The Marketplace Platform combines simplicity, efficiency and timing in bringing profits for retailers in the digital era.


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